Ama hut“HACHIMAN”Access

The setting method of
car navigation

There is no telephone in a AMA hut HACHIMAN. 

Goal point Address: 819, Ousatsu-cho, Toba-shi, Mie
Map code: 338 498 155

 A setup by the telephone number is a relay point about a 0599-33-6208   ENEOS長岡屋 oil store.
extracted. (Please do not telephone by any means.)

A narrow way will be shown if a relay point is omitted.

It is before 大方酒店 almost.    A three way crossing is turned to the right.

It is ENEOS oil shortly after turning to the right.

 It is ENEOS oil shortly after turning to the right.
When even a bank advances, it is arrival in 50m of right-turn

Free Shuttle bus: about 30 min!!

Please be referred to as AMA Bus.

 AMA hut HACHIMAN begins operation of a free Shuttle bus from TOBA station
   In AMA BUS use, please offer at the time of reservation.
 <go to AMA hut HACHIMAN> 
  TOBA station start
 11:15   12:45   14:15 
 <go to TOBA station>
  AMA hut HACHIMAN start
 11:55   13:25   14:55   16:25 

 Our staff is waiting for you from 15 minutes before at the bus stop.

  About a bus

   24 capacities (inside wheelchair 2 set driver 1 person) They are usually 15 seats and six auxiliary seats.

   The rise-and-fall lift is attached to the back part of a bus.


 AMA BUS bus stop
TOBA station

Local line Bus

Please buy a round-trip ticket in the 三重交通鳥羽バスセンター( Mie Kotsu Toba bus center).
It is a ticket for 国崎(KUZAKI).  It is one person of @1000 yen.

In the Mie Kotsu Toba bus terminal, it is sea gull(kamome) bus 
11:20 and 13:20 start.  
 It rides on (5).国崎(KUZAKI) going.          
 A bus is required for 45 minutes.
 And drop at 畔蛸口(ADAKOGUCHI).
 It meets to 畔蛸口(ADAKOGUCHI)BUSSTOP! 
 My son meets by car at a bus stop.

From becomes the 鳥羽展望台(TobaTenbodai) going occasionally at 11:20.