Free Shuttle bus “AMA BUS”

Ama Hut HACHIMAN English Page Menue

Free Shuttle bus: about 30 min!!

Please be referred to as AMA Bus.

AMA hut HACHIMAN begins operation of a free Shuttle bus from TOBA station In AMA BUS use, please offer at the time of reservation.

<go to AMA hut HACHIMAN>TOBA station start 11:15 12:45 14:15
<go to TOBA station>AMA hut HACHIMAN start 11:55 13:25 14:55 16:25

Our staff is waiting for you from 15 minutes before at the bus stop.

About a bus

24 capacities (inside wheelchair 2 set driver 1 person) They are usually 15 seats and six auxiliary seats.

The rise-and-fall lift is attached to the back part of a bus.

AMA BUS bus stop


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