Ama Hut HACHIMAN Ise & Shima in woman divers huts

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What is woman diver hut experience?

The costume play of the woman diver for a child is served free.

Japan Tour

To tell the culture of “Ama” to the world.Visiting “Ama huts” of foreign tourists.

For Tour Information.



Free Shuttle bus “AMA BUS”

Free Shuttle bus “AMA BUS”

FREE WIFI AREA & Muslim Prayer Room


・TOBA aqua MIKIMOTO AMA hut HACHIMAN Eng pv 2mim.

・AMA hut HACHIMAN(海女小屋はちまんかまど) eng pv

 Acces Ama Hut HACHIMAN

Hotel booking

Hotel booking

The HOTEL in Mie with sufficient access to a central airport 中部空港

It is the optimum hotel for a family travel and a small group travel.

津駅Tsu station On foot 5 minutes

三重縣津市 ホテル ザ グランコート津西サイト

松阪駅Matsusaka station On foot 10 minutes
三重縣松阪市 ホテル ザ グランコート松阪サイト

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