AMA hut HACHIMAN The flow to reservation formation

Ama Hut HACHIMAN English Page Menue

The blank of reservation form is filled in and it transmits.


If entry of reservation form is right and is transmitted to us, automatic reply mail will arrive.

When a defect is in your contents of reservation form, mail of an inquiryarrives from us.

The exact address of your country, the telephone and mail which can be communicated, a means of transportation, etc.

You finish being a mail reply responding to our inquiry.

The mail which carried out for a while and received reservation from us arrives, and it is reservation formation.

Thank you.


Reservation form is filled in again.

There is a possibility that our automaticreply mail is possibly contained in your SPAM mail file.

AMA hut “HACHIMAN”Reserve

What is AMA(woman diver) hut experience? Our restaurant is not always opened.Please check that it is ...