To tell the culture of “Ama” to the world

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Visiting Tour of“Ama( Woman divers)Huts” In Ise Toba
Ise & Shima national park

The “Ama Huts”open for you, and tell you the life style and the culture of ama, whose lifes and works has never known well, to have their daily lifes known better over the world.

Visiting Ama Huts is winning the big popularity in the world as a main event in Ise & Shima national park.

Looks of Visiting "Ama Huts"


Ama Hut Experience


At Ama's, women diver, hut, You can see how they live in Harmony with nature.You may be served mouthwatering local delicacies.They might not be able to speak English, but it is a good chance to learn the local dialect.

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