Optional experience menu【Limited to those who have booked the Ama hut experience】

Ama Hut HACHIMAN English Page Menue

At Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado, we have prepared an additional option experience menu exclusively for customers who have made a reservation for the Ama hut experience.

Transform into a diver! Ama Transformation Experience Service

We will meet your request to become an Ama!

Ama cosplay fee: 300 yen/person

Please make a reservation at least 2 days in advance. Please write how many people you want to experience transforming into an Ama in the comments/requests column.

important point

This is an option for the Ama hut experience, so you cannot experience cosplay only. Please note.

A free service due to the popularity of the transformation experience into an Ama-chan.

Please let us know at the time of booking if your child is ◯◯ cm tall. Available from 1 year old child size!

important point

・Limited to customers who have experienced our Ama hut and are under elementary school age.
・Due to the limited number of ama costumes, there may be times when you will be transformed.
・Children over junior high school students should apply for the Ama transformation experience. (paid @ 300 yen)

Ama Cosplay Contest is being held!

Ama: "We won't try to become Ama."

Please post your Ama cosplay photos! I will give you a free gift without exception.

This is the only noshi-making experience in Japan that uses ``Hon noshi awabi''. To celebrate your loved ones.

Why don't you make the only Noshibukuro in Japan using "Abalone" from Ise-Shima as a heartfelt celebration for your loved ones?

Osatsu-cho, located on the coast of Toba in the southeastern part of Mie Prefecture, is blessed with nature and seafood that faces the magnificent ocean. Among them, the abalone caught in this area is not only delicious, but also highly prized as a medicine that heals wounds and enhances vitality, prolonging life.

At Chiman Kamado, the Ama Hut has continued to make “noshi abalone,” an indispensable part of traditional Japanese gift-giving ceremonies, using abalone caught by Ama divers. By all means, please experience the only “noshi-making” in Japan.

Contents of the noshi-making experience

Noshi-making experience fee: ¥3,850/person

Capacity: Up to 6 people

Duration: Approximately 120 minutes (75 minutes for Ama hut cooking + 30-45 minutes for Noshi-making experience)

important point

This is an option for the Ama hut experience, so you cannot experience only "Noshi-no-Shizukuri". Please note.

As an additional option, the Ama hut experience time that can be reserved for "Noshi making experience" is

  1. 11:45~13:00

Please note that.

Flow of experience making Noshi using "Honoshiawabi"

The noshi-making experience will be held in the "Yori no Hama" room after a meal at the Ama Hut.

The staff will explain the flow of the experience.

Kiyomi Chigusa's "Blessings of the Sea Caught by Ama" Watch an 8-minute video to learn about the connection between the abalone, the sacred food of Ise Jingu Shrine, and the Ama, and the history of "noshi abalone."


Customers can choose from their favorite Ise Noshibukuro envelopes, and attach "Noshiawabi" to the gift envelopes.

After making the noshi abalone, you can enjoy habu tea and noshi abalone. You can take home the "Noshi Abalone" that you made.


important point

The flow of the experience introduced is just a guideline. Please note that the flow may change depending on the situation on the day.

Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado sells Noshi envelopes.

Tea time experience at Kujirazaki's Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado

You can enjoy delicious coffee while interacting with the Ama at a realistic Ama hut nestled in the whale cap.

This is a special experience that can only be offered to customers who have made a reservation for the Ama Hut experience at the "Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado".

Price for Kujirasaki teatime experience: 3,850 yen/person including tax

Capacity: Up to 6 people

important point

This is an option for the Ama hut experience, so you cannot experience only the "Kujirazaki tea time experience". Please note.

The Kujirazaki tea time experience requires moving to another location. Therefore, the Ama hut experience time that can be reserved as an additional option is

  1. 11:45~13:00
  2. 13:15~14:30

Please be careful.

Tea time at Hachiman Kamado at Kujirazaki

Kujirazaki Hachiman Kamado Ama Hut

Asarihama beach cleaning experience with Ama

Why don't you clean up the beach with the Ama at Asari Beach in front of the Ama Hut?

The rich sea of ​​Ise-Shima nurtures high-quality abalone, turban shells, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and seaweeds, supporting the lives of ama divers and our meals. Matoya Bay spreads out in front of the Ama Hut, and seashells and seaweed wash up on Asari Beach, allowing you to come into contact with the blessings of nature.

In recent years, however, Asari Beach has been washed ashore with a variety of drifting objects, including plastics. Ama regularly clean the beach and strive to preserve the environment of the mother sea, which is the fishing ground.

When you clean the beach while interacting with the Ama, you can see the greatness of the sea and the issues that you hadn't seen before. After the Ama hut experience, please try the Asarihama beach cleaning experience.

Contents of the Asarihama Beach Cleanup Experience

Asarihama beach cleaning experience fee: ¥1,100/person

Capacity: up to 50 people

important point

Since it is an option for the Ama hut experience, it is not possible to experience only the "Asarihama Beach Cleanup Experience". Please note.

Ama hut experience time that can be reserved for adding Asarihama beach cleaning experience is

  1. 11:45~13:00

Please be careful.